[EpiData-list] New test versions available .... Regarding stability of the new principle.

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Tue Oct 26 03:41:56 CDT 2010

> In terms of the timeline I am wondering about when the new build might
> stable enough to be used for training courses? 

The experience from previous development is clearly that bug-finding and
implementation of proper design advances when based on:
a. Clear concepts based on practice for decades in epidemiology/public
health and clinical projects
b. Attendance and teaching in courses seeing exactly how a given part of
the software is used in practice
c. Usage in real applications and projects
d. Input from the list and collaborators. 

This week we will release a test version of EpiData Analysis which can
read the *.EXP and possibly EXZ files. Once this is accomplished the users
can test the "whole cycle", which I am sure will show how soon we are at
"stable for production". 

For "real production" some aspects are still needed to be added to Manager
and EntryClient, which is the basic level checks at entry. This comprises
"value labels", range, mustenter, jumps and some way of indicating text
reference for value labels (formerly known as "type comment"). See separate
mail about input to decisions. 

My own decision is to base the next courses in February 2011 on the new
(EXP) systems, but I will start to use the system for smaller evaluations
from now on. Gradually teaching and instruction materials will show up with
the new interface and possibilities. When developing such materials make
sure that we all know about on the list, such that there can be mutual
benefit of this. 

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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