[EpiData-list] Input for decision of sequence in development of new functionality, please comment

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Tue Oct 26 03:55:43 CDT 2010

Priority of developments 

The current sequence of developments until
the first production release contains these elements. 

1. Release of test
version of EpiData Analysis, which can read EXP files (possibly EXZ) -
expected this week. 

2. "show structure" form to Manager 

3. Control
structures level 1 (value labels, range) 

 --- test release 

4. Multi
language in forms and labels 

5. Control structures level 2 (mustenter,
jumps, "type comment") 

6. Control structures level 3 (define unique key
and search in data) 

 --- test release 

7. Solve known deficiences (from
Flyspray and list) - e.g. idnum fields 

8. Printing of dataforms in

 --- test release 

9. Enhancements for production of fast
datasets, e.g. copy from question banks 

10. Further developments, e.g.
GCP (Good Clinical Practice Principles). 

Please discuss on this list at
what level of function You find first release should be made - provided
obviously at that level the function as such is stable. My current decision
is after point 8. 

It would also be good to get statements during the
coming months of which decisions you make locally on the conversion to the
new principles - e.g. you are ready to use it at that moment, or you find
the current EpiData Entry better for your purpose, or you decided to start
using other software and the reasons for that. 


EpiData Association


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