[EpiData-list] Input for decision of sequence in development of new functionality, please comment

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Tue Oct 26 08:11:13 CDT 2010

Thanks for this Jens.

I think that after 7, below, I would be happy teaching others to use Manager & Client. For outbreak management, that should be sufficient. I assume that relate functionality will come later (as a many to one relation between a section and the main section?)

Whether stable or not, I'll certainly introduce people to them so that they are prepared to make the jump.


On 2010-10-26, Jens wrote:

> 7. Solve known deficiences (from
> Flyspray and list) - e.g. idnum fields 
> 8. Printing of dataforms in
> EntryClient 
> --- test release 
> 9. Enhancements for production of fast
> datasets, e.g. copy from question banks 
> 10. Further developments, e.g.
> GCP (Good Clinical Practice Principles). 
> Please discuss on this list at
> what level of function You find first release should be made - provided
> obviously at that level the function as such is stable. My current decision
> is after point 8. 
> It would also be good to get statements during the
> coming months of which decisions you make locally on the conversion to the
> new principles - e.g. you are ready to use it at that moment, or you find
> the current EpiData Entry better for your purpose, or you decided to start
> using other software and the reasons for that. 

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