[EpiData-list] font selection and text appearence in data forms

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Wed Nov 3 13:56:58 CDT 2010

Dear all

A question was raised regarding specification of underline, bold etc and 
specification of fonts in data forms created by the Manager and used for 
entry with the EntryClient.

I think what could be realistic to aim for is something like:
at section level:
   choose background colours
   for data fields:
        show field border (implemented)
        choose font, size and colour for all fields (question text)
  for heading "lines"
       choose font, size and text colour for all heading lines

However I doubt if we will get to the point of applying underline, bold 
or italics for single words .

The amount of work is still immense for all the data management, 
documentation, rewriting analysis etc. So do not expect any developments 
in this text fomatting area before all the core functionality has been 

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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