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A friend suggested that I may post this information:

The 27th course of the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung 
Disease (The Union) in collaboration with the EpiData Association and a 
group called "EpiData Promoters" was given in Paris in the last week of 
October to 12 operations research fellows of a training program of The 
Union from 10 countries.

The updated course material is available at www.tbrieder.org (click 
"EpiData course" in the navigation panel).  The entire course exists of 
four parts.  In Part A, the use of EpiData Entry is taught, in Part B, 
EpiData Analysis is introduced, in Part C, EpiData software is applied 
to operations research, and in Part D more sophistication in the use of 
EpiData software is taught.  In the one-week course, only Parts A and B 
were taught.  Parts C and D will be given to three exceptional 
performers in a supplementary course.  The course is taught sequentially 
as one exercise builds on the previous one.  For those interesting in 
only perusing quickly, you might look at the end of each Part for the 
solution PDF, or at the very bottom for the PDF file of the entire 
course (220 pages).  The zip files in the solutions contain the EpiData 
files that are produced in each exercises.



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Tel: +41 31 829 4577
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