[EpiData-list] Roster for household questionnaire

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Thu Nov 11 22:05:26 CST 2010

This is something I would use related files for, especially when you don't know how many household members there will be. We'll have to wait to see how they work in Manager/Entry.

If you have parts of questionnaires you will use often, including more than once in the same project (questionnaire), simply create a short .qes for them and import that .qes structure multiple times into Manager. This works very well. You can then alter the Vnn field names yourself.


On 2010-11-11, Mensah wrote:

> Is it possible to have the function for a roster variables instead of
> doing it manual.
> for instance in CSpro, there is a roster function of designing a household
> data that repeat several * *times, but in epidata you have to do it manual.

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