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I agree that related files would work better in this case.  In the
current public release, however, related files are not fully integrated.
For example, it is (as far as I can tell) impossible to do double entry
on a record that has related files.  I think the best solution would be
to work on fully integrating related files into the program.  If this is
not possible, then the function for roster variables described by Mensah
would be second best.


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This is something I would use related files for, especially when you
don't know how many household members there will be. We'll have to wait
to see how they work in Manager/Entry.

If you have parts of questionnaires you will use often, including more
than once in the same project (questionnaire), simply create a short
.qes for them and import that .qes structure multiple times into
Manager. This works very well. You can then alter the Vnn field names


On 2010-11-11, Mensah wrote:

> Is it possible to have the function for a roster variables instead of
> doing it manual.
> for instance in CSpro, there is a roster function of designing a
> data that repeat several * *times, but in epidata you have to do it

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