[EpiData-list] substring in data entry check file

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Sun Nov 21 19:08:48 CST 2010

The Check function is COPY - works the same as SUBSTR in Analysis

id = copy(firstname,1,1)+lastname(1,1)


On 2010-11-21, David wrote:

> Thanks. Sorry, I was not clear in my original post. I need to do this in the chk file during data entry, not during analysis. I see that substr() is available in analysis, but does not seem to be available for chk files during data entry. What I would like to do is something like:
> * example.qes
> firstname A______
> lastname A______
> id A__
> * example.chk
> lastname
>    LET id=firstname[1,1] + lastname[1,1]
> Then if I enter Fred Bloggs I get id="FB"
> David

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