[EpiData-list] bugs in stattables command?

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Wed Dec 8 06:46:48 CST 2010

Hello all,

I am trying to adapt a program written for an earlier version of EpiData to version

The command for the old version was 
.  stab sex /mean="age" /des="age"

which printed the following columns:

sex, N, Nage, MEAage, MINage, MEDage, MAXage

If I understand things correctly, I should be able to get the same table using the following command in the new version:

.  stab age /by=sex /stat="n mean des"

However, I get a "Unknown aggregate function: N" when I try to execute the above command, even though the documentation mentions the parameter:

  * n Number of observations

Also, interestingly, if I execute
.   stab age /by=sex /mean

I get no error but just the table

Sex |  N
M   | 490
F   | 3537

Instead of the mean.

Are these bugs in EpiData or do I misunderstand the documentation?

Kind regards,


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