[EpiData-list] new test release for EpiData Manager and Epidata EntryClient

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Thu Jan 6 12:27:28 CST 2011

Dear all

As you all know we are approaching the change from the EpiData Entry 
released first time in 1999 to the updated and modernised EpiData 
Manager and EpiData EntryClient

The main reasons for change have been published previously here on the 
list. Among these are needs for adaptation to modern data quality 
standards and in medical research projects the increasing demands for 
documentation in the form of so called Good Clinical Practice 
principles. More on this later.

Today we have released major revisions the EpiData Manager and EpiData 
EntryClient programs.

_*Major changes for both programs:*_

    * Define *valuelabels* for a project. This includes definition and
      changes at file and field level.
    * Implementation of *range* for a field, which may also be combined
      with value labels
    * Users can save pdf files with instructions in a specified folder.
      Those present in that folder will be shown in the help menu
      "tutorials". This means that without programming you can create
      your own set of instruction materials.
    * Automatic timed back-up features during design and entry

    * Modernised design, e.g. showing recently used files.


    * Independent Value Label editor.
    * "Show Structure" form informing about contents and definitions in
      the project.
    * Statusbar more informative. dded possibility to store the
      positions of open forms.


    * Use "+" or F9 to show defined value labels. Based on input a guess
      is made within the list.
    * Auto ID (IDnum) fields work and can have specified initial value.
    * Floating fields now show full number of defined decimals.

Please test the released software. With the software introduction 
documents are included and updated versions will be placed on the 
testing page of EpiData.

Find all of this at: Http://www.epidata.dk/testing.php

Please do report on this list of how you find the new versions. We are 
approaching first release and I am aware that many courses in the coming 
months rely on good and stable function of the new versions.

All programming done by full time employed Torsten Christiansen. 
Possible due to donations as indicated on http://www.epidata.dk/funding.htm

(donations are required for continued development)


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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