[EpiData-list] new test release for EpiData Manager and Epidata EntryClient

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Tue Jan 11 07:13:36 CST 2011

I've used the Win32 and MAC(Intel) versions. 

Win32 performs very well - able to create projects with no problems. I like the screen to define labels. Entry of invalid values was indicated and the correct value could be entered.

MAC version is not as clean. It is still very difficult to create a section as the mouse-up seems not to have any effect--I'll log a bug report. The screen for labels did not appear. I worry that it may be defaulting to a position off my screen and will try to check that out. Entry of invalid alues was indicated, but the correct value could not be entered until I managed to delete the wrong value (required a series of tabs, cursor up/down). Value labels appeared with <fn><shift><f2> on my MacBook, or with the = (non-shifted) key. That's actually better than + as no need to hit the shift key. This will be a problem if a text field has "=" as a legal value (not very likely).

All in all, a GREAT step forward. Congratulations! I hope the MAC mouse and screen control improves. I know this is challenging. 


On 2011-01-06, Jens wrote:

> Please do report on this list of how you find the new versions. 

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