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Fri Jan 14 06:51:32 CST 2011

I have tested EpiData manager and EpiData entry client.
First : congratulations for this great job! It will be hard to forget the .qes .chk .rec system, but xml is a good choice for the future!

Bug report and suggestions (I work on a PC with windows 7) :
1/ Entry client :
	- when entering a date without "/", the first slash is automatically inserted (like in EpiData entry), but not the second one, and a blank grey screen appears after pressing tab or enter. This screen disappears when pressing ESC

	-is a search function planned ?

2/ Manager
	-	Moving fields or headings does not seem easy once they are created. Actually I can't find how to do it !
	-	A double click on an item should open the properties window
	-	edition of the value labels is not intuitive. For example, it took me a long time to understand that I had to press enter to insert a new line
	-	in value label edition : the image of the edited value label disappears when it is selected (first column on the left)
	-	I created a new project and tried to enter new value labels : I could insert new lines but could not fill the "value" and "label" columns : they became blank after entering text and pressing enter

That's all for now!

CHU Caen, Normandie

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