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Mon Jan 17 13:07:00 CST 2011


I'm now testing the linux version of EpiData Manager and EpiData
Entry. The following suggestions would be useful:

1) When copy/paste of a text from an UPPERCASE field to a lowercase
field it would be nice to automatically convert the text case on the
destination corresponding field.

2) When importing from rec files the conversion don't reflect the rec
created before on the stable version of EpiData. There are some
differences between the names of the fields. Only a few labels appears
and the ranges of inputs doesn't appears.

3) It would be great to finish the interface of the check commands and
later the RELATE function for relational databases.

4) For future translations it would be good to build an interface, as
stable EpiData has. Just with a file containing the translation in
cuestion would be an easy alternative. Although, when EpiData will be
released under Open or Free philosophy of source code, the
translations can be done directly. I can help on a Spanish version on
both scenarios.

5) As someone told on other moment an interface with other statistical
analysis package would be great, as the R Statistical Computing. Also
the new GPX or GPZ files will need interfaces to communicate with R,
with the "foreign" package under R.

Great job!


Omar Bautista González
- Colaborador en autogestión comunitaria desde República Dominicana

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