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Thanks Hans for your response.

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Dear Susan:

We conducted a 3-country study (Cambodia, China, Viet Nam) with the same

data entry form.  The Cambodians and Vietnamese used the English 
version, the Chinese translated the Field labels and the Value labels to

Chinese (but not the field names and field values).  For analysis all 
sub-sets were combined using the English Version as the driver for the 
Check file.  No problems.

You may wish to contact my colleague Nguyen Binh Hoa (copied in this 
email), he is with the National Tuberculosis Program Viet Nam, is the 
coordinator of the above study, and has taken responsibility for data 
management of the Viet Nam tuberculosis survey (over 100,00 cases), all 
data captured with EpiData Entry.  He is highly proficient in all things

EpiData and knows how well and widespread its use is already in Viet 
Nam.  I hope this helps a bit.



On 20:59, epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:
> I'll be running a course in Vietnam on questionnaire design and data
> management. As part of the course I'm thinking of adding a session on
> EpiData. Can anyone answer the following question: How do people in
> non-English speaking countries manage with EpiData? I don't mind the
> menus being in English because a translation of the menus into
> Vietnamese can be handed out to participants. What may be an issue is
> entering Vietnamese characters into the QES file and text fields. If
> Vietnamese characters are entered into the QES file, will they be
> displayed in the REC file? Also can field names contain Vietnamese
> characters or must these be English letters?
> Also, what is the forecast for the release of EpiData Manager and
> EpiData EntryClient in the completed stage, i.e. with checks and GCP
> place?
> Regards,
> Suzanna Vidmar

Hans L Rieder, MD, MPH
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