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Dear Jens,

I've had a look at the test version. I noticed one spelling error when creating value labels - you have "catagory" instead of "category". The ability to input non-English characters will be helpful for many throughout the world.

Even if you are able to stick to your timetable of end of February for a functional version of EpiData Manager, it'll be too late for me to write notes and have them translated by early March for the course in Hanoi. I think I'll have to teach EpiData Entry. Will EpiData Entry continue to be available even after EpiData Manager and Client are released in their complete form? If not, I'll reconsider teaching EpiData Entry.

Best wishes,

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Susan Widmar wrote: I'll be running a course in Vietnam on questionnaire
design and data
>> management. As part of the course I'm thinking of adding a session on
>> EpiData. Can anyone answer the following question: How do people in
>> non-English speaking countries manage with EpiData? 

I just wish to remind all that with the re-written software the whole
issue of local languages is very simple:
There should be no problem since all text field contents as questions
(variable labels) can be written with the character set UTF-8.

As is shown with the sample file coming with the test versions of
EntryClient and Manager the same file contains data in many different
languages including Chinese, French, Spanish, English, Danish, Arabic
(shown right to left) and more. Check yourself with the software available
for test from http://www.epidata.dk/testing.php

Whether this comes in due time for your course I cannot know. The intended
mode of work in the future will be that a given file/project can contain
several languages. For a given variable the variable name is given only
once for the project, but the question (variable label) and value labels
will have (can have) translations and the user can change language during
entry or definition.

Regarding the interface we will also accomplish translation: The interface
for translation is not final, but will resemble the page you can see at: 

Timetable for release depends on attaining stability and sufficient
function. I have learned NOT to promise anything, but as I wrote earlier my
own plan is to start using the new software for courses by the end of

Currently I am quite convinced that by the end of february we will have a
functional level of aspects now in the test versions and also features for
jumps, mustenter and a stable interface for the design in Linux and Windows
- some problems will most likely still be present in the Mac version, which
unfortunately will require finetuning later.

Regarding GCP functionality I expect this towards the end of first quarter
or middle of second quarter if all goes well.

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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