[EpiData-list] next test version - and a question on principles of updating auto-date and auto-time fields

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Mon Feb 7 16:35:35 CST 2011

Dear all

Developments are continuing and many new aspects will be available in 
the next test release of the Manager and EntryClient software, e.g.:

- revised value label definitions
- range
- mustenter, confirm, noenter
- show value labels after entry (formerly known as : type comment)
- jumps
which can be to: "skipnextfield", "end of section", "save record" and to 
a named field
the fields bypassed can be reset to: "no change", "system missing", 
"highest defined missing value", "next to highest defined missing value".

Release of the next test version is expected within a few days. More 
information will be shown at the time of release. With this 
implementation we are very close to the functionality needed by most 
users in terms of data-entry. On top of that functions for searching in 
data and documentation will come.

One aspect which we would like some input on, is the following:
In the current EpiData Entry for windows we have:
auto-id (<idnum>) and today fields which are updated at the time of 
SAVING data.

In the current Manager and EntryClient the
Auto-data, and auto-time fields are getting a value upon creation of the 
record. Not at the time of saving first time or editing the record.

Please indicate preference:
a. We only need auto.date and auto-time fields having value at saving 
b. We only need auto.date and auto-time fields having value at creation time
c. It is preferable to have a combination of a and b, where the user 
specifies for a given field which of the two properties these fields 
should have.

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Assocation

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