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Fri Feb 11 04:45:58 CST 2011

Dear All

Today we have released new test versions of EpiData EntryClient and 
EpiData Manager. This email is mainly technical and will give broad view 
of changes and additions to the two programs.

Important aspect: flow of entry.
On a normal entry of fields, the flow is defined as moving from field to 
field in a left-to-right, then down, manner – but at the same time 
following sections. Once inside a section this section will be completed 
before exiting. This should simulate a normal work flow working with 
schemes/registration forms.

The flow of entry is followed if you leave the field in a "standard" 
way. Standard ways are: "The entire length of the field is filled" or by 
using one of the following keys: ”Arrow down”, ”Enter” or ”Tab”. These 
keys are "flow of entry keys" and should be used during data entry.

To break the flow of entry (not recommended) : Either use "Arrow Up" 
key, the mouse or enter a legal value and then avoid saving the record.  
We note "not recommended" since a field could have some attributes set 
that defines another flow of entry, e.g. a jump.

The programming is handled in three "parts": A common core, EntryClient 
and Manager. Any change to the Core module will affect the two other parts:

*Changes for Core*:
      * Define jumpsfor a field. Changes the flow of entry (see above) and
        rules for resetting field data. (leave as is, blank, add defined 
      * Define Entry Mode for a field. The possible (mutually exclusive) 
attributes are: Default Entry, Must Enter or No Enter.
      * Define Confirm Entry. This will force a user to confirm the 
entry using a key (see below).
      * Define Show Value Label. Show category text for a given entered 
value next to the field (right side) (formerly known as comment legal 
      * Various bug fixes, including incorrect import of dates from 
Stata files and definitions of "missing" status of a Value Label.

Changes for both programs:
      * Added a check such that programs can only be started once 
(single instance).
      * The programs now check that the active project file has not been 
modified between saves.
      * Added short-cuts to the 9 most recent files: Ctrl + Shift + 
      * Shortcuts for Mac OS X have been changed to follow the native 
style of the OS.
      * Adapted setup and properties for the new options

Changes for Manager:
      * Hides Work Process Toolbar when a project is active.
      * Assign jumpsto field. One or more jumps may be assigned to a field.
      * Added the ability to "copy & paste" field/heading/sections on 
the designer.
          - A section can be copied to the main section.
          - Copying a section will also copy fields/headings within that 
          - Fields/Headings can be copied to/from sections (including 
main section).
          - Field attributes can be copied from one field to another of 
same type.
      * "Tab" key should now work as "change cell" key on the Value 
Label Editor.
      * Value Label Editor modified.
      * Flyspray bugfixes: 71, 72, 73

Changes for Entry:
      * AutoIncrement (Formerly IDNUM) fields can start at a defined value
      * User specified Colour for errors
      * Enhanced control of focus for active field.
      * Fixed several bugs - including loading of corrupt/invalid files

  Kind regards,
  Torsten Bonde Christiansen
  Jens Lauritsen
  EpiData Association.

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