[EpiData-list] Double Entry failed when AutoSearch is enabled, Does this bug fixed?

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Sun Feb 13 01:55:54 CST 2011

Hi, I have struggled with a problem that:
When I use the double entry real time verification, I can only do the 
verification on the first record, When I entering a second record, the 
verification is Disabled.

I have struggled this problems for nearly two days by trying to narrow 
the problem, then finally I found that if I remove the "autosearch" 
function on my ID field (which is the matching key on the double entry 
verification), then everything works fine.

Finally, I search by keywords "autosearch double entry" on this 
maillist, and found there is an announcement by the official author in 
this post: (it was in year 2006)

They said:
Double Entry and Autosearch: Danger!.......

Now, I'm using the latest official release version, which is v3.1 
I also check the  mantis system, I don't find anything related to this bug.

So, Still, my question is:
Does this bug fixed? It seems this bug still exists in the v3.1 (28jan2008).

Zhang Yuanhui

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