[EpiData-list] Double Entry failed when AutoSearch is enabled, Does this bug fixed?

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Sun Feb 13 07:11:38 CST 2011

On 2011-02-13 08:55, epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:
> Hi, I have struggled with a problem that:
> When I use the double entry real time verification, I can only do the 
> verification on the first record, When I entering a second record, the 
> verification is Disabled.
Obviously this was not a pleasant experience for you. But the struggling 
tells that you tried various ways - which is always a good thing. 
Unfortunately there are not many things in project work and research 
which works in a simple way - at least not the first time one tries.

Only for files with a unique identifier that you YOURSELF enter during 
the entry - and provided this field have the "Key unique" setup will the 
verify during entry work. It is obvious that if there is no unique key - 
then the software will have no way of knowing which record from the 
first entry to compare with. Your logic of using "autosearch" is fine in 
general, but is too complex in the double entry situation.

As such  I do not know of any bugs in relation to double entry and 
verification,  but some requirements/limitations (possibly not well 
documented) are needed:

A. If you use <idnum> fields in your system then:
      make a copy (copy structure in tools menu) of your system and 
INDEPENDENTLY enter data the second time. Following the second entry do 
the validation in the documentation menu.
B. If you use a combined key for your "unique identifier":
     e.g. mykey = idnum+var1+var2
            or mykey = string(idnum) + string(var1) + string(var2)
    then do as in point A
C. If you are using a related file system
     then do as in point A
D.  based on your experience we can add : If using autosearch
       then do as in point A

Possibly someone (list members please) have the time to create an 
example setup file which we can put in the examples collection for 
others to download. This could be basicly the same system created with 
autosearch (in one file), and without that in a separate file, but aside 
from that similar contents.

Let us know if this helps


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

> I have struggled this problems for nearly two days by trying to narrow 
> the problem, then finally I found that if I remove the "autosearch" 
> function on my ID field (which is the matching key on the double entry 
> verification), then everything works fine.
> Finally, I search by keywords "autosearch double entry" on this 
> maillist, and found there is an announcement by the official author in 
> this post: (it was in year 2006)
> http://lists.umanitoba.ca/pipermail/epidata-list/2006q2/000430.html
> They said:
> -------------------------
> Double Entry and Autosearch: Danger!.......
> -------------------------
> Now, I'm using the latest official release version, which is v3.1 
> (28jan2008).
> I also check the  mantis system, I don't find anything related to this 
> bug.
> http://www.epidata.dk/php/mantis/view_all_bug_page.php
> So, Still, my question is:
> Does this bug fixed? It seems this bug still exists in the v3.1 
> (28jan2008).
> Thanks
> Zhang Yuanhui
> China
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