[EpiData-list] re: Double Entry failed when AutoSearch is enabled, Does this bug fixed?

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Sun Feb 13 19:47:17 CST 2011

> On 2011-02-13 08:55,epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca  <http://lists.umanitoba.ca/mailman/listinfo/epidata-list>  wrote:
> >/  Hi, I have struggled with a problem that:
> />/  When I use the double entry real time verification, I can only do the
> />/  verification on the first record, When I entering a second record, the
> />/  verification is Disabled.
> /Obviously this was not a pleasant experience for you. But the struggling
> tells that you tried various ways - which is always a good thing.
> Unfortunately there are not many things in project work and research
> which works in a simple way - at least not the first time one tries.
Thanks for your reply and a warn encouragement.

> Only for files with a unique identifier that you YOURSELF enter during
> the entry - and provided this field have the "Key unique" setup will the
> verify during entry work. It is obvious that if there is no unique key -
> then the software will have no way of knowing which record from the
> first entry to compare with. Your logic of using "autosearch" is fine in
> general, but is too complex in the double entry situation.
Here are my considerations (sorry if I not fully understand your 
statement as my English is not quite good:-) )

Generally, there are two kind of "double check":
1, we entered two rec files separately and independently, then use the 
Menu->document->Validate duplicate files, this checking is "off-line mode".

2, I entered one rec file, and cread a _dbl.rec file by 
Menu->Tools->Prepare double entry verification. Then just opened the 
_dbl.rec file, and entering records, so this is "double entry 
verification in real time mode".

So, when I want to do "double entry in real time", I must:
1, use Key unique feature on some/one field
2, do not use "autosearch"

> As such  I do not know of any bugs in relation to double entry and
> verification,  but some requirements/limitations (possibly not well
> documented) are needed:
> A. If you use<idnum>  fields in your system then:
>        make a copy (copy structure in tools menu) of your system and
> INDEPENDENTLY enter data the second time. Following the second entry do
> the validation in the documentation menu.
> B. If you use a combined key for your "unique identifier":
>       e.g. mykey = idnum+var1+var2
>              or mykey = string(idnum) + string(var1) + string(var2)
>      then do as in point A
> C. If you are using a related file system
>       then do as in point A
> D.  based on your experience we can add : If using autosearch
>         then do as in point A
The method A,B,C,D you give is all about the way in "off-line mode", right?
I'd like to say that: I prefer "double entry in real time mode", as I 
think it is much convenient to do the verification while entering.

Zhang Yuanhui

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