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Thanks Jens and  Torsten:

Now I'm prepared to report on the flyspray bug tracker.


2011/2/11  <epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca>:
> Dear All
> Today we have released new test versions of EpiData EntryClient and EpiData
> Manager. This email is mainly technical and will give broad view of changes
> and additions to the two programs.
> Important aspect: flow of entry.
> On a normal entry of fields, the flow is defined as moving from field to
> field in a left-to-right, then down, manner – but at the same time following
> sections. Once inside a section this section will be completed before
> exiting. This should simulate a normal work flow working with
> schemes/registration forms.
> The flow of entry is followed if you leave the field in a "standard" way.
> Standard ways are: "The entire length of the field is filled" or by using
> one of the following keys: ”Arrow down”, ”Enter” or ”Tab”. These keys are
> "flow of entry keys" and should be used during data entry.
> To break the flow of entry (not recommended) : Either use "Arrow Up" key,
> the mouse or enter a legal value and then avoid saving the record.  We note
> "not recommended" since a field could have some attributes set that defines
> another flow of entry, e.g. a jump.
> The programming is handled in three "parts": A common core, EntryClient and
> Manager. Any change to the Core module will affect the two other parts:
> *Changes for Core*:
>     * Define jumpsfor a field. Changes the flow of entry (see above) and
>       rules for resetting field data. (leave as is, blank, add defined
> missing)
>     * Define Entry Mode for a field. The possible (mutually exclusive)
> attributes are: Default Entry, Must Enter or No Enter.
>     * Define Confirm Entry. This will force a user to confirm the entry
> using a key (see below).
>     * Define Show Value Label. Show category text for a given entered value
> next to the field (right side) (formerly known as comment legal show).
>     * Various bug fixes, including incorrect import of dates from Stata
> files and definitions of "missing" status of a Value Label.
> Changes for both programs:
>     * Added a check such that programs can only be started once (single
> instance).
>     * The programs now check that the active project file has not been
> modified between saves.
>     * Added short-cuts to the 9 most recent files: Ctrl + Shift + <number>
>     * Shortcuts for Mac OS X have been changed to follow the native style of
> the OS.
>     * Adapted setup and properties for the new options
> Changes for Manager:
>     * Hides Work Process Toolbar when a project is active.
>     * Assign jumpsto field. One or more jumps may be assigned to a field.
>     * Added the ability to "copy & paste" field/heading/sections on the
> designer.
>         - A section can be copied to the main section.
>         - Copying a section will also copy fields/headings within that
> section.
>         - Fields/Headings can be copied to/from sections (including main
> section).
>         - Field attributes can be copied from one field to another of same
> type.
>     * "Tab" key should now work as "change cell" key on the Value Label
> Editor.
>     * Value Label Editor modified.
>     * Flyspray bugfixes: 71, 72, 73
> Changes for Entry:
>     * AutoIncrement (Formerly IDNUM) fields can start at a defined value
>     * User specified Colour for errors
>     * Enhanced control of focus for active field.
>     * Fixed several bugs - including loading of corrupt/invalid files
>  Kind regards,
>  Torsten Bonde Christiansen
>  Jens Lauritsen
>  EpiData Association.
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