[EpiData-list] Check commands and field naming

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Fri Feb 18 05:58:08 CST 2011

Well done to Jens and Torsten on the progress of the manager and entry

I have a few questions. I see that there is a confirm field check in the
manager, but appears to be applied to the field in question only. So if
one wishes to make every field a confirm field, then such an edit would
need to be made for every field. I wondered if there were plans to
enable the user to set such a thing for the whole database by having it
as a global setting. Similarly for a missing value (9999 might always be
a missing value code). Another question is whether there any plans to
enable chk files created in EpiData Entry to be imported into the
manager and/or rec files containing such checks to be brought into the
manager with the checks preserved (at present they are ignored). A final
question concerns the pasting of a qes file into the manager which uses
EpiData Entry automatic field naming (i.e. the curly brackets to define
filed names) and whether this will be supported in the manager. At
present, the brackets are ignored by the program.



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