[EpiData-list] Query about Epidata and Exporting to SPSS

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Wed Feb 23 18:34:34 CST 2011

Hi all,

I have a quick question. I used Epidata to put all my data from a survey I
conducted. I did not export all my inputted data in SPSS but I am using SPSS
for analysis. I was wondering is it possible to export all of my data in
Epidata into SPSS. Or is it better to manually put it into SPSS. Also, I am
new to research and statistics and was advised to use Epidata first and then
analyse using SPSS. I was wondering why people use Epidata first and then
export to SPSS. I mean, what are the advantages of doing this? Is it better
to do this first and then export to SPSS?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated,

Kind Regards,


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