[EpiData-list] Query about Epidata and Exporting to SPSS

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Thu Feb 24 11:15:49 CST 2011

A highly "conflict of interest" based suggestion could be to say this:

a. Try to analyze your data with EpiData Analysis - freely available 
from the download page, where you found EpiData Entry
b. Export your data to SPSS
     Repeat the analysis in SPSS
c. Tell os of your experience - such that we can learn about the 
advantage and disadvantage of using a commercial package and EpiData 
Analysis. Also remember to tell us about the cost for the license of SPSS.

The reasoning of my suggestion is that there are so many "firm fixed" 
suggestions of what is the easiest way of doing this or that - but very 
few actual comparisons in terms of time to use, reproducibility, cost of 
software, cost of personnel time ....

Personally I used SPSS from about 1979 to 1995, but switched to Stata 
due to the large user base in research developing modules for Stata and 
lack of hierarchical/cluster analysis in SPSS, plus the problems of the 
special SPSS output files which can only be used when you have spss 
installed.. In recent years I have used EpiData Analysis for daily 
analysis and Stata for regression and larger data sets.

The basic principles are the same:
a. Develop proper protocols for research studies. Only collect the 
minimal dataset needed.
b  Quality assure your data by proper handling during entry or 
datamanagement, including the addition of labels and creation of 
sufficient datadocumentation.
c.  Analyse data by a pre-specified analysis plan - either specifically 
or a general outline. Save your analysis in the form of a structured 
command file (pgm or syntax, in Stata called do files).

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

On 2011-02-24 17:36, epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:
> All of what you want to do is available in the documentation at the epidata.dk website. You can easily get your data into SPSS  - check out the Data In/Out functions of EpiData Entry. Please don't even consider entering your data again.
> Jamie
> On 2011-02-23, Niamh wrote:
>> I was wondering is it possible to export all of my data in
>> Epidata into SPSS. Or is it better to manually put it into SPSS.

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