[EpiData-list] Query about Epidata and Exporting to SPSS

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Hello Niamh,
 May I add some very old program for your data analysis?
The module ANALYSIS.EXE from  EPI INFO version 6.04d is very handy and works well in 
all Windows surroundings.
Although it is a DOS-program , it still ios very usefull and is well documented in the manual.
When you experience problems  to get it working in your PC, just mail me.Will beglad to help 
you out.

Louk Meertens.

email: loukmeertens at hetnet.nl

> All of what you want to do is available in the documentation at the epidata.dk website. You can easily get your data into SPSS  - check out the Data In/Out functions of EpiData Entry. Please don't even consider entering your data again.
> Jamie
> On 2011-02-23, Niamh wrote:
> > I was wondering is it possible to export all of my data in
> > Epidata into SPSS. Or is it better to manually put it into SPSS. 
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