[EpiData-list] EpiData for Mac

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Tue Mar 15 08:53:04 CDT 2011

Hi Aloysius,

I've been using EpiData on my MacBook for the past year with no real problem.

The old version (Entry, Analysis) run well under the Wine emulator. I installed Winebottler (http://winebottler.kronenberg.org/) and then just launch windows .exe files as if they were MAC applications. You can safely install Winebottler and then forget about it.

All of the EpiData documentation applies. Winebottler provides you with a folder that acts like your C: drive and the rest of your MAC hard drive looks like a Z: drive. 

The only problem I have had is using help for Entry, where you cannot see some help pages. I'm not sure why. Analysis works with no problem.

Your other approach would be to use Bootcamp to run Windows/XP. I didn't want to do that.


On 2011-03-15, Aloysius wrote:

> I have just started using Epidata and I own a mac. There seem to be no
> detailed help guides to help follow and use the Mac version. Is it that its
> still under development? Is there anyone with access to this document

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