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Thu Mar 17 08:37:50 CDT 2011

 Dear All

 We are (rapidly) approaching the first public release (not being a test 
 version) of the updated software, which shifts to an XML based data 

 An updated version of the Manager and EntryClient has been placed for 
 download on http://www.epidata.dk/testing.php

 Apart from several bug-fixes these are the main aspects:
 We have created a new command line tool which can create dataforms, 
 including setting of value labels, range and jumps (as announced 
 yesterday), from a text file.
 We have chosen - as previously announced - to discontinue "paste as 
 qes" in Manager as a consequence of point 1.
 The Manager can now add structure from several files to a dataform.
 e.g. for outbreak analysis one could have dataforms (epx files) for:
 diary  fish  meat vegetable  drinks dessert etc.

 To create a data collection form for a specific outbreak:
 1. Start manager and create a new project
 2. Point at all relevant files E.g.: drinks, fish, vegetable
 3. Change sequence of files in the grid showing the files chosen
 4. The manager will then add the files.
 5. Finetune the created combined file - e.g. add more jumps or 

 The focus on ability to create a database in batch with Epidatacmd is 
 part of an ECDC (European Union) funded project, which will be announced 
 in detail later. The project is part of collaboration with Statens Serum 
 Institut in Denmark (ssi.dk) and the similar Norwegian institute. The 
 funding is currently coming from the ECDC project, plus donations and 
 collaborations as shown on the http://epidata.dk/funding.htm page, 
 including APHEO and MSF.

 But I do see the need for more funding to conclude the rewriting of 
 Analysis plus remaining aspects of Manager plus EntryClient. I will 
 actively seek this in the coming time. (Ideas welcomed).

 The development of the Manager and EntryCLient will focus on remaining 
 issues before final public release. These include: size of font, 
 printing, searching, key unique, repeat, validate dublicate files etc.

 All programming done by Torsten Christiansen.

 Jens Lauritsen
 EpiData Association

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