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Tue Mar 22 02:43:23 CDT 2011

Dear all

Many of the messages I have added to the list recently are rather 
technical in nature. This is just a short notice on how mode of work 
will be from now on:

Until now - since 1999 and 2003/4 we have:

Data definition, docuemtation and Entry: Epidata Entry
Analysis: EpiData Analysis

 From now on:

The manager:
The project manager creates data entry forms and structures data 
collection using the software "EpiData (data) Manager". This can be used 
in a "point and click" manner visually including adding checks, jumps 
and ranges.

Once the database is structured and ready. The file, e.g. outbreak.epx 
can be given to those entering data. The one "physical" file contains 
all information including definition of fields, range, value labels, 
jumps etc.

The data entry person would then acquire the "EpiData EntryClient", 
which can be used to enter actual data into the file. Adding records 
just as in the current EpiData Entry software.

In other words we separated current functionality into:
Project management, data definition and documentation: EpiData Manager
Data Entry: Epidata EntryClient
Analysis: EpiData Analysis

All of these are available from the testing page: 

We are now (struggling) to implement all decided functionality, such 
that a public release will be available as soon as possible. There is 
still some adaptations and developments to do, but we are approaching 
the public release. It is therefore welcomed that you look at the new 
software and join the commenting on the EpiData List - just as many of 
you have already done.

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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