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Fri May 6 17:34:08 CDT 2011

Thanks Torsten. I'll test this version.


2011/5/3  <epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca>:
> Dear All.
> An update version of the Manager and EntryClient is available for download
> on http://www.epidata.dk/testing.php
> This release is mainly focus on adding new features for controlling field
> entry, but does also include some rare-case bugfixes.
> Dues to changes in the project file structure, loading .epx/.epz files from
> previous versions of Manager and EntryClient will not be possible. However,
> we do hope that with the added features of todays test releases, we are very
> close to a settled "version 1" of the project file structure. As always, an
> updated version of the sample file is included in the downloads.
> The major changes for both Manager and Entry client are:
>  1. Fields may have notes attached. These are written in the Manager
>     and can be read in EntryClient using F12.
>  2. Write the label part of a ValueLabel to a string field.
>  3. Fields may have a default value.
>  4. Fields can repeat value from previous record.
>  5. Simple calcaulation may be performed on exiting fields. (In old
>     epidata known as AFTER ENTRY). These calculations are limited to 3
>     different types:
>     a) Calculate the difference in time between two dates and/or times.
>     b) Create a date based on a day, month and year field (integers).
>     c) Combine 1-3 fields into a string field.
>  6. Compare two fields and require entry to respect the comparison.
>     Eg. DateField2 > DateField1.
>  7. Force EntryClient to show the list of valuelabels associated with
>     a field (manually show by pressing F9/+).
> Changes related only to Manager:
>  1. Large rearrangement of the Field Properties form. We have tried to
>     group most used properties and logically connected propertied
>     together.
>  2. Added tool for packing dataset. Removes records marked for
>     deletion (see below).
>  3. Added Study information to Project settings form.
> Changes related only to EntryClient:
>  1. Search functionality:
>     Ctrl+Shift+F: Show search dialog.
>     Ctrl+F: Show search dialog filled with current entry for record.
>     Ctrl+L: Do NOT show search dialog, but search with current entry
>     and display a list of matching records.
>     F3: Repeat last search in forward direction.
>     Shift+F3: Repeat last search in backwards direction.
>  2. Updated graphical interface of program settings (Alt+S).
>  3. Records may be marked for deletion. See buttons beside record number.
> Kind regards,
> Torsten Christiansen.
> EpiData Association.
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