[EpiData-list] new test release of Manager and Entry Client

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Thu May 26 08:39:50 CDT 2011

Dear List.

Today we have release updated versions of the EpiData Manager and 
EntryClient programs.

The release today is a minor test release with focus on Manager 
enhancements and user customization.

Common fixed/changes:
* Is is now possible to change font type, size and colour in both 
programs. This is done independently of the project.
* A long standing problem where a projectfile contained exactly 13 
fields would make the programs crash during load is finally fixed.
* Other minor bugs related to importing/exporting to stata have been fixed.

* The "import/add structure" window now gives the user the option of 
keeping/renaming field and valuelabels if types and names match 
(produces smaller/smarter project files if there are overlapping 
* In the program settings is it possible to define a default setup for a 
new project.
* Using the "tools" no longer requires the project file to be open.
* Using "importing structure" could under some circumstances produce 
fields without fieldnames.
* Several bugfixes related to deleting field(s) involved in 
calculations, jumps, etc.

* Font changes as described above.
* Some minor bug-fixes.

During the most recent weeks experimentation has been made with the 
creation of pdf formatted reports on structure, labels etc. 
Unfortunately we had to stop the pdf development due to various reasons 
and time constraints. Instead an html based solution will be created. 
This will be part of next test release.

Kind regards,
Jens Lauritsen and Torsten Bonde Christiansen
EpiData Association.

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