[EpiData-list] fill fields from COMMENT LEGAL file

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Tue May 31 16:32:15 CDT 2011

I'm studying the copydata example to learn how to extract several variables from a file identified in a COMMENT LEGAL statement.
In A3.chk,  the statement "TYPE COMMENT atransfer"  appears.  What is atransfer?  I don't see where it has been defined as a variable and I don't find it as a system variable.  Further, the program   seems to be parsing  the string in atransfer  according to the position of punctuation.  Where is the format of this string defined?

Perhaps to be a bit more explicit:  I have file with a list of CHWs:  District, Village, CHW name  and a survey conducted by the CHWs.  As the data is entered for the survey, I'd like to present pick lists to facilitate entry.  The data is quite strictly hierarchical:  Villages occur within Districts, an CHWs live in villages.

Thank you,

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