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Mon Jun 6 10:57:30 CDT 2011

Dear All

A "feature complete" version of EpiData Manager has been uploaded today 
- the expectation (read as "hope") is, that this version with bug 
removal can be released as version 1.0

    * *NEW: *Create reports in HTML format using "Tools"
    * Default settings for a project
    * Change font and colour in program settings

The reports on project structure (question lists, value label lists, 
combined lists) are produced when you click on tools menu. All epx/epz 
files in that folder are included. (Notice they must be of most recent 

For Entry Client a similar version will be released within the next days .

The following aspecs will be fixed/clarified before release:
a. A Proper About box will be added.
b. For reports a grid of included files will be shown to the user - just 
like "add structure" to allow for in- and exclusion of single files.
c. known and reported bugs.
d. any bugs reported from now on by users.
e. updating of documentation on the wiki.

Another interesting development has taken place in the last week. We 
have localised an open-source based cross-platform testing system for 
interactive simulation of user behavior. We will spend some energy and 
time to develop validation tests to secure that the visual interface 
behaves properly after each new compilation. More news on this later.

Therefore please:
Now is the time to challenge the software and report problems and 
viewpoints on the products - before releasing as v1. Documentation and 
instruction files could be more elaborate obviously - this will come 
later. In practice it has turned out, that unless features work almost 
without instruction, users will not use it.

Kind regards
Torsten Christiansen
Jens Lauritsen

EpiData Association

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