[EpiData-list] release candidate of Manager - when to do so ?

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Wed Jun 8 01:26:53 CDT 2011

Good point by Omar to discuss "when to release as v1" of the new software.

The following aspects are not developed yet for Manager and Entry Client:
- several databases in a given project
- key handling within a given database
- relationships between databases (relate)
- duplicate data entry procedures for entry and validation

But neither are:
- multilanguage databases (translated questions and headings, structure 
- user access control and encryption
- good clinical practice principles of logging

- Adaptation of Analysis to new principles (core module and UTF8) and 
cross platform is also a challenge.

Many projects can be done with just one database and the level of field 
control now possible in Manager/Client. With a few more additions to 
documentation of structure (all definitions and project level 
information) a large number of projects can be handled within the 
current functionality.

I see this strategy:
a. All current software available from the 
Http://www.epidata.dk/download.php will remain there
b. When considered stable Manager and Client will be available also from 
that same page. From that point onwards all created data files will be 
readable by future versions.
c. New points will be developed, while fixing bugs in released versions.

A discussion of "when to release as v1" is welcomed.


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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