[EpiData-list] It is possible to have labels that are inconsistent with previously entered data

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Sat Jun 18 14:57:56 CDT 2011

Choice 3 makes sense. Perhaps give a warning and assign value label such as "Unknown label 1" At least then every value would have a corresponding unique label.

> Thanks Torsten (and Jens in the other reply). A tool or inconsistency report sounds like a good approach. I encountered this issue when playing with the code to import the epidata XML file into R. When reading such an XML file into R, the I think the options are:
> 1) do nothing to detect this and have the import fail and spit out a cryptic R error message because the factor levels won't match 
> 2) detect it, report it, and do not apply the labels for this field 
> 3) detect it, report it, and attempt to apply the labels where possible.
> I think option 3 will be the least surprising for the user. 
> David


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