[EpiData-list] EpiData data entry competitors. Where are they?

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Tue Jul 5 08:56:36 CDT 2011

Hello EpiData friends,

Last week I did teach the 6th edition of "introduction of softwares for
research porpuses" here at Rio de Janeiro. Usually we present to the
students three softwares: EpiData, zotero, SPSS (although Im have been
trying to replace SPSS for R-project for a while).

Because of this course, yesterday, the principal of the institution I work
at came to me and asked if it is worth to get engaged at this initiative:
http://www.project-redcap.org/ Actually, it seems to be pretty similar to
epidata projects in content, except that it is web based and it seems that
it is necessary to become a partner to use it. Since then I have looked
around and trade a couple of emails with some friends and some other stuff
came up...

http://www.rch.org.au/dmo/services.cfm?doc_id=13999 This is one is pretty
good, but very expensive, and we had a tough time trying to manage the
operator limitations (need to be highly skilled to operate this software)
and as more projects are running more licenses are required to get the job
done in time and more money is necessary.

http://www.sphinxdevelopment.co.uk/about.html  this one has not many
information at the webpage, but a friend of mine told me that they have a
software similar to teleform, which scans the form and fill the the dataset
from the scanned image.

Once in a while a hear someone is using pendragon:
http://pendragonsoftware.com/ But this one is for portable devices such as
palmOS iPad Android and stuff.

Im writing all this stuff to ask you guys if you have any bad/good
experience with other dataentry softwares? This time particularly with
redcap. Every time someone asks me about other dataentry software, I take
some time trying it and I always come back to EpiData. I believe that there
isnt really a good competitor to EpiData so far... free, small, portable,
easy to use, and does the job.

Also, I imagine that looking at what other data entry softwares do, may give
some insight to improve EpiData functionality. This web idea may be
something to think about.

Kind regards,

Abraço forte e que a força esteja com você,

Dr. Pedro Emmanuel A. A. do Brasil
Instituto de Pesquisa Clínica Evandro Chagas
Fundação Oswaldo Cruz
Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
Av. Brasil 4365
Tel 55 21 3865-9648
email: pedro.brasil at ipec.fiocruz.br
email: emmanuel.brasil at gmail.com

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www.r-project.org - análise de dados.
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