[EpiData-list] new test version for Manager and EntryClient

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Wed Jul 6 12:08:25 CDT 2011

Dear All

Today a new set of test versions have been placed on the 
for general download.

Changes to Manager:

* HTML Report window stays open.
* Added additional reports.
* Fixed bug on MAC where valuelabels could not be deleted at all in the 
ValueLabel Editor.
* Fixed bug on Windows where valuelabels, comparison and "write 
valuelabel to" definitions could be added randomly to a field.

Changes to EntryClient:

* Added a WorkTool bar to main form.
* Fixed bug where skip records (F5/F8) would cause program crash if 
dataset was empty.
* Fixed bug where jumping to a field would not work under certain 
* Fixed long standing bug where pasting text into uppercase field was 
not automatically made uppercase.

The bug fix since last test versions are essential to Windows users, 
which in the previous version could mess up use and definition of Value 
Labels and field definitions. Another issue was only relevant for Mac 
users. Please notice that files produced with the previous version might 
contain errors.

This underlines the fact that supporting multiple operating systems 
effectively creates a lot more work and complications, since the same 
problems - now fixed - was not seen in a Linux computer.

It also underlines the need for a batch testing procedure, which we are 
developing now, such that functionality simulating user behaviour will 
be implemented sometime soon. We plan to use the scripting engine to 
automate tests as shown below. More on this later. The simulations will 
be done on all supported operating  systems. Once we have a few scripts 
developed they will be posted on the web such that users can enhance and 
extend the tests.


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

List of tasks for simulator:

   1. Create user simulation and gui automation tests.
         1. Create a macro/script template for benchmarking tests.
               1. create datafile structure (all field types first, then
                  a new section with all field types)
               2. define value labels
               3. extend definition of datafile with more "checks" from
                  field property page 1
               4. extend definition of datafile with more "checks" from
                  field property page 2 (extended)
               5. extend definition of datafile with more "checks" from
                  field property page 3 (jumps)
               6. extend definition of datafile with more "checks" from
                  field property page 4 (calculations)
   2. Import/export data between the versions of epidata (in different
      formats) and check import/export success. - specifically import
      and export of bromar, lifetable and tiramisu datasets - import as
      reg file or stata file (where labels are attached directly).
         1. Create a scrip to automate this
               1. data integrity checks: e.g. go to record no xxx and
                  compare the actual data with the imported value. Check
                  data type (int,float,string,Date-time)
               2. Check inconsistencies between xml/rec formats (if any)
                  and see how gui interprets the xml data

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