[EpiData-list] Managing two related unique IDs in data entry

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Mon Jul 11 11:39:01 CDT 2011

Hello EpiData friends,

Im involved in a reliability study. I planned to collect two blood samples
at same time to measure the very same biomarker from the same patient. I
would like to measure the variability of this biomarker when the lab
responsible does not know what sample comes from what patient.

Thus I have a (patient) ID and two samples ids.

My control/recruiting qes would look like

patientid Unique identifier #####
sample1 ###
sample2 ###

My results qes would look like

sampleid Sample identifier ###
sampres Sample result #######

Later, I intend to connect these two files.

I generated random numbers that would be stick as blood sample stamps from 1
to 500. Thus, when a patient collects a pair of blood sample these numbered
stamps are stick on the container, before they get to the lab.

My problem is that, for the patient to be blind to the lab professionals,
 each patient should have two different sample number. Im concerned that the
professional that enroll the patient might give the samples a correct pair
of stamps to the blood samples but mistype this pair in
the enrollment control data.

FOr example:

random numbers
1     106   303
2     236   168
3     302   228
4     107   197

I made a rec file with these pairs of stamps numbers like this

sample1 ####
sample2 ####

If the enrollment professional recruits a patient with medical chart 19992
and gives him/her the third pair of stamps, this means that he should type
302 in the sample1 variable. I would like EpiData to fill or to check if the
sample2 for this patients is 228. If not a warning should come to check
these numbers. I did try using the chk command as

  comment legal use recfile.rec
  type comment sample2


It looks it works nicely. But I reckon if there is any more elegant way to
do it. Is there?

Kind regards
Abraço forte e que a força esteja com você,

Dr. Pedro Emmanuel A. A. do Brasil
Instituto de Pesquisa Clínica Evandro Chagas
Fundação Oswaldo Cruz
Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
Av. Brasil 4365
Tel 55 21 3865-9648
email: pedro.brasil at ipec.fiocruz.br
email: emmanuel.brasil at gmail.com

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