[EpiData-list] Need help: Check codes truncated

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Mon Jul 11 11:13:12 CDT 2011

Dear colleagues,

I would apprciate your help in solving check codes truncation proble. I am
currently creating one database using epidata. I have one of the check codes
of about 600 charecters long(example below), however after applying chk
codes, it is automatically truncated to 207 charecters when I open to see
next time. Any clues or ways to code alternatively?

*check code:*

    IF (Sex=2) AND (Msex=0) OR (Msex=9) OR (Msex=99) AND (Fsex=0)
OR(Fsex=9) (Fsex=99)
AND (IDU=0) OR (IDU=9) OR (IDU=99) AND (CFac=0) OR (CFac=9) OR
(CFac=99) AND(Trans=0)
OR (Trans=9) OR (Trans=99) OR  (coag=0) OR  (coag=9) OR  (coag=99)
OR  (HetSexEND=9) OR (HetSexEND=99) OR (ConSusHIV=0)  OR (ConSusHIV=9)
AND (OccuExp=0) OR (OccuExp=9) OR (OccuExp=99) AND (OthMedExp=1)
OR (OthMedExp=9) OR (OthMedExp=99) AND (NMNOcc=1) OR (NMNOcc=0) OR(NMNOcc=9)
OR (NMNOcc=99) *THEN*

     * **Risk="OtherMedExp-10"*

Thank you.

Bijay Adhikari, PhD
CD Epiodemiologist
Saskatchewean Ministry of Health

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