[EpiData-list] Need help: Check codes truncated

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Mon Jul 11 12:40:58 CDT 2011

You will need to split this up into nested IF blocks. As well, you really should have parentheses to group the conditions between ANDs, to be sure the logic is what you want. You cannot be sure what order the AND and OR operators are applied.

For example, you might try something like this.

if (sex=2 and (msex=0 or msex=9 or msex=99) and (fsex=0 or fsex=9 or fsex=99) then
  if (idu=0 or idu=9 or idu=99) and (cfac=0 or cfac=9 or cfac=99) then
    if ... then

I would put all of the related fields/values in one if. I don't know whether there is a limit to the number of nested IF blocks, but you probably won't have a problem. This works as long as logically you want AND between the IF blocks. I think that is the case here.


On 2011-07-11, Bijay wrote:

>    IF (Sex=2) AND (Msex=0) OR (Msex=9) OR (Msex=99) AND (Fsex=0)
> OR(Fsex=9) (Fsex=99)
> AND (IDU=0) OR (IDU=9) OR (IDU=99) AND (CFac=0) OR (CFac=9) OR
> (CFac=99) AND(Trans=0)
> OR (Trans=9) OR (Trans=99) OR  (coag=0) OR  (coag=9) OR  (coag=99)
> OR(HetSexEND=0)
> OR  (HetSexEND=9) OR (HetSexEND=99) OR (ConSusHIV=0)  OR (ConSusHIV=9)
> OR(ConSusHIV=99)
> AND (OccuExp=0) OR (OccuExp=9) OR (OccuExp=99) AND (OthMedExp=1)
> OR(OthMedExp=0)
> OR (OthMedExp=9) OR (OthMedExp=99) AND (NMNOcc=1) OR (NMNOcc=0) OR(NMNOcc=9)
> OR (NMNOcc=99) *THEN*
>     * **Risk="OtherMedExp-10"*

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