[EpiData-list] Re: Managing two related unique IDs in data entry

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Tue Jul 12 14:40:02 CDT 2011

> Jamie,

Unfortunately this solution is not working here. Did you tests it? Did it
work with you? The problem is that like this EpiData only accepts sample2 in
blank, ie, missing data for this field. Also, when the warning comes up, the
(@sample1, @sample2) does not show any data.

My guess is that EpiData is not creating the checksamp variable correctly or
is being able to type sample1 comment correctly into sample2. Another good
guess, might be that the error is above the chair in front of the keyboard.
Thanks anyway for the ideia. I will try to make this warning work later and
let you know.

> ,

> before file
>  define checksamp ###
>  hide checksamp
> end
> sample1
>  comment legal use recfile.rec
>  type comment checksamp
> end
> sample2
>  after entry
>    if sample2 <> checksamp then
>      help "This pair of sample numbers (@sample1, @sample2) do not match
> those assigned. \nPlease check and re-enter both." type=error
>      goto sample1
>    endif
>  end
> end
> Jamie

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