[EpiData-list] New test version for EpiData Manager, EntryClient and EpidataCMD

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Fri Jul 15 06:52:51 CDT 2011

Dear All

Today a new set of test versions have been placed on the 
for general download.

The development during the last week have mainly been focus on solving 
some large outstanding bugs in the programs. This mean that today 
release does not have any new feature, but will hopefully add to the 
feeling that we rapidly approaching the first stable release (Version 1)
of EpiData Manager and EpiData EntryClient.

With todays release we have also tried to address the problem of how 
different Operating Systems use different sets of keyboard short-cuts. 
Our initial goal was to have the programs use the same set of short-cuts 
across all OS's, but we have found this to be virtually impossible.
Instead we have now focused on have a small set of common short-cuts, 
but try to use the "normal" short-cut for regular functions (such as 
search, copy & paste, etc.)

Hopefully this will in the future lead to a point where we integrate a 
list of command the programs are capable of and let users customize the 
associated shortcuts as they wish.

The list of major changes in the versions release today:

Changes to Manager:

* Fixed the longest outstanding bug: Creating sections on MAC was nearly 
impossible, and difficult at times on Windows.
* Assigning jumps to a UPPERCASE string field would cause the program to 
* Typing an invalid date/time in range, would not always give a warning. 
On MAC this would lead to a large black screen, show for a few seconds.

Changes to EntryClient:

* Fixed bug where closing EntryClient at times could same the "New Record".
* Major changes in short-cuts on MAC.
* Performing "New Record" on a "new record" will clear content (but ask 
user first).

Kind regards,
Torsten Bonde Christiansen.
EpiData Association.

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