[EpiData-list] How to Delete Records Based on a Variable

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Fri Jul 22 20:20:08 CDT 2011

It's quite easy

In Analysis:

select hhid <> [value for delete]
savedata newfile

You can then copy your old file as a backup and rename "newfile.rec" if you want.

In EpiData Entry:

-export data to EpiData
Choose your current data (.rec)
Make sure all variables are checked
Check off "Use record filter"
In the Filter box: hhid <> [value for delete]

You can put a more complex logical expression in the filter.
Your new data are in filename.new.rec


On 2011-07-22, Sam wrote:

> I am trying to delete a subset of records in my dataset based on the
> value of one of the variables (hhid) in either EpiData Entry or
> Analysis.  I am guessing it is easy, but I cannot figure it out.  Can
> someone please advise?

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