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Neville, what I have been doing is creating a new section and then 
dragging it to the bottom of the page. The page should automatically be 
stretched to accommodate for the new section. Hope this works.


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When creating a form in the Manager, such a form will, generally,
contain many fields and possibly more than one section. It is not clear
to me how one adds sections and/or fields upon reaching the bottom of
the screen (which seems to occur at a height of about 610 as measured
from the top) as there is no vertical scroll bar to move a blank page
into focus into which such fields or sections can be added. If this
can't be done, then surely this limits how many sections and fields can
be created. The sample file, for instance, spreads over two pages, so
how were the later sections added after the first few were created?
Apologies if a stupid question ... All thoughts on this would be most


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