[EpiData-list] Adding sections or fields in EpiData Manager (length/height of dataform)

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Tue Aug 2 02:57:52 CDT 2011

The problem of "max length" of a dataform is known and we will somehow 
handle this soon - I expect.

A workaround now is to either:
a. Move a section below the bottom line (as Jonathan wrote on July 26th)
b. Use the function keys to add fields at the end:
       (notice that this has changed to numeric fields 1...5 or shift+1...5)
   shift+1: integer field
   shift+2: float field
   shift+3: string field
   shift+4: date field (default current type)
   shift+5: heading line

The reason is that  the form now is only showing "actual content" and 
therefore is restricted to end at the bottom line.

A simple way to extend the form if you wish would then be to:
1 add four heading lines (shift+5 four times).
2 add a heading line (shift+5)
3 hit enter which will activate the property form for the heading line - 
change content to "."
4 delete the four first added headings (point and delete)

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association
ps - documentation on function keys will be revised next week on the 
wiki site.

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