[EpiData-list] Export EpiData to Excel - is there a solution/an alternative?

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Thu Aug 11 09:16:36 CDT 2011

Dear member of the team, dear all,

I am having the following problem and would be very grateful if there 
was a solution (or alternative) to it:

The data I want to export to Excel consists of approximately 960 lines 
in Epidata formats (= 960 colums in .xls). As I understand EpiData (and 
as the test with the used data showed) it is impossible to export more 
than 256 lines to Excel (version 2003) because of the Excel 2003 column 
limit . Is there any way to export the 960 lines to Excel? Or is there 
another alternative I should consider?

Thank you very much in advance!
Nina-Claire Himpe

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