[EpiData-list] Warning: Changes in XML structur in the next test release of Manager and EntryClient

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Mon Aug 22 01:46:02 CDT 2011

Dear all

As I already informed on August 17th the next test release for Manager 
and EntryClient will require ALL current EPX and EPZ files to be 
recreated. The next test release will be available within the next few 

Obviously this can be annoying, but as previously announced we do need 
to have the flexibility of changes all the way to release of version 1.

If you are preparing projects for future use I recommend that you either:
    - Export your data with current test version into stata format
    - import again with the new test version (when this is ready)
    - add jumps, calculations etc after the import.
         (Labels will be imported correctly)
   look at the template principles explained in

and then use the template command tool to create the epx files. A 
revised template tool will be released at the same time as the next test 

In other words: Do not spend too much time on fine tuning epx files at 
this point. Datastructures are fine, but details must be expected to 
change, e.g. specifications of jumps, range, notes etc.

The XML structure used in v1.0 will be supported for all future releases 
after that.


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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