[EpiData-list] Warning: Changes in XML structur in the next test release of Manager and EntryClient

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Mon Aug 22 17:33:24 CDT 2011

Thanks Jens:

I'm thinking that I would test this version along with a translation to 
Spanish. Do I can work doing these 2 things?


El 22/08/11 02:46, epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca escribió:
> Dear all
> As I already informed on August 17th the next test release for Manager 
> and EntryClient will require ALL current EPX and EPZ files to be 
> recreated. The next test release will be available within the next few 
> days.
> Obviously this can be annoying, but as previously announced we do need 
> to have the flexibility of changes all the way to release of version 1.
> If you are preparing projects for future use I recommend that you either:
>  a.
>    - Export your data with current test version into stata format
>    - import again with the new test version (when this is ready)
>    - add jumps, calculations etc after the import.
>         (Labels will be imported correctly)
> or
>  b
>   look at the template principles explained in
>   http://www.epidata.org/dokuwiki/doku.php/documentation:templateformat
> and then use the template command tool to create the epx files. A 
> revised template tool will be released at the same time as the next 
> test release.
> In other words: Do not spend too much time on fine tuning epx files at 
> this point. Datastructures are fine, but details must be expected to 
> change, e.g. specifications of jumps, range, notes etc.
> The XML structure used in v1.0 will be supported for all future 
> releases after that.
> regards
> Jens Lauritsen
> EpiData Association
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