[EpiData-list] New test versions (manager, entryclient, template cmd tool)

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Wed Aug 24 09:38:15 CDT 2011

Dear All

As previously announced the programs released today have had a 
significant change to the underlying structure of the project file (the 
.epx/.epz XML structure).

The reason for this is that the previous structure could not be 
described by a XML Schema file. A schema file is a standardised way of 
describing the structure and internal logic of an XML file. Some of the 
logical properties of the structure were inconsistent and therefore 
changed. This has as a positive "side effect" that the overall loading 
and saving time for a project file has improved quite a bit.

The changes will - as warned  two times on this list - break 
compatibility with
previously created files. An updated version of the sample.epx file is 
provided with the downloads and additionally the EpiData Commandline 
Tool has been updated (and release for all platforms) to support the new 
XML structure.

Please read previous mails on the list to see further explanation and 
how you can avoid problems in relation to the changed XML structure.

The currently available test version of EpiData Analysis does NOT 
support the new XML structure. An updated version will be released in a 
few days.

Common fixes/changes:
* Updated XML structure
* Import from STATA 12 now supported.
* New saving algorithm, for improved speed.

* Fixed a bug where removing a control marked for copy would cause 
breakdown if copy/paste was later invoked.
* Fixed shortcuts for MAC.
* Added boolean field to "other fields"
* Fixed bug with "delete all"
* Speed improvements for copy/paste and placing new controls (mainly 
visible with very many controls).

* Fixed shortcut overlap in MAC
* Speed improvements with loading project files.
* Speed improvements when browsing records.

* Updated to support new XML structure.


Torsten Christiansen and Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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