[EpiData-list] New test version of Manager and Analysis

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Sat Sep 3 16:05:33 CDT 2011

The release of September 2nd is a minor update for Manager and EpiData 
Analysis, in

which a few bug have been found and fixed.

* Fixed bug where exporting to STATA did not export valuelabels.
* Added support for importing .rec files with password protection.
* Fixed minor bug where importing .rec files with valuelabels under
special circumstances were not imported correctly.
* Fixed significant bug in importing structure of STATA files could
render computer useless (HUGE memory usage).
* Fixed significant bug where deleting a section, with fields/heading
moved out of could also delete the fields/headings.
* Added "space extender". A heading is placed a "page" down on the
designer, to extend the working area for placing fields, sections and

* Fixed a bug where importing project files .epx/.epz would create a
buggy .chk file on saving data from within Analysis.


Torsten Christiansen and Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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