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Fri Sep 30 08:35:42 CDT 2011

Dear all

A new test build version of the EpiData Manager has been placed for 
download on

The latest changes in Manager are:
The value label editor has been completely rewritten.
     Including the way the editor is started. It now much resembles the 
entry principle. If you press the + button on the field property form, 
then a single value label for the current field is created or edited. If 
you wish to edit value labels in general use the manage button or the 
menu - tools.

b. Export to stata of epz files is now possible. Formerly only epx files 
could be exported

c. Pasting "as", e.g. as integer would create field names, that could 
not be read into analysis. This is fixed.

The changes above to manager (a) unfortunately means that we will have 
to exclude the windows 64 bit version for a while. After december 1st we 
will see if we can add that version again. However this should pose no 
problem to anyone just now, since windows 64 bit pc's can use the 32 bit 
windows version.

Regarding current EpiData EntryClient:
It turns out  that the default colour setting for the entry field is not 
very good in some windows installations. As soon as you have installed 
(unzipped) the entry client please make sure to change the colours to 
something you can see appropriately. This is done under "edit" and settings.

With the mentioned changes to Manager we are quite close to release as 
v1. If someone can assist on finetuning icons let us know.


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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